Research and ERP Consulting

ERP Caps

Electrophysiological data such as ERPs provide an incredibly rich source of information on the neural dynamics underlying real-time cognition. However, in order to get the most out of your research, it is important to have a deep understanding of the principles underlying human electrophysiology, how to design good ERP experiments, and how to process and analyze the rich, multidimensional data that comes out of an ERP study.

I can help your group get the most out of your ERP studies. I can consult on specific issues for you and your group related to laboratory setup and design, or specific research design and analysis. I can provide these services on an hourly basis, and I can also provide 1- or 2- day workshops that cover the fundamentals of human electrophysiology and the neural origins of ERPs, principles of sound research design, and best practices in ERP data analysis.

I have extensive experience conducting ERP research and setting up ERP labs, and I have published methods papers in some of the world’s top neuroscience journals on best practices in ERP data processing and analysis. I have consulted with both academic and industry research groups.

Use the contact form below to get more information on consultation and workshops, including sample workshop schedules and costs. Tell me about the type of organization you belong to (academic, corporate, or otherwise), and let me know more about the specific types of consultation you are interested in (e.g., lab setup, specific research design, or a workshop).